Satin Pillowcase - 4 colors!


Satin Pillowcase - 4 colors! MBCSP002


Eliminates Facial Folds/Reduces Wrinkles

Satin is soft to the touch and allows your face to glide against the pillowcase. More abrasive fabrics, such as cotton, flannel and wool, can cause creases, lines and wrinkles to develop around your eyes, forehead and mouth. In addition, satin keeps eyelashes and eyebrows more intact as you move your face back and forth on the pillow.

Protects the Lashes & FRESH PMU!

A satin pillowcase helps keep fragile eyelashes intact. When your head rests on a cotton or flannel pillowcase, your eyes are often pressed up against the coarse material for much of the night. Eyelash breakage and loss can be reduced, because the silky material glides over the skin and hair instead of rubbing against it and loosening your lashes. Satin pillowcases can be especially helpful for those who wear eyelash extensions and who have received cosmetic tattoo treatments. ❤️

Keeps Hair in Place

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase helps smooth frizzy hair and minimizes static. The softness of satin eliminates the friction you get when your hair rubs against a harsher fabric. Another added benefit is that satin helps keep your hairdo looking fresher and less "slept on" in the morning. People who suffer from alopecia areata or side effects of chemotherapy find that sleeping on satin keeps their hair from coming out in clumps.

Clears the Complexion

Satin pillowcases help keep your skin supple and allow your pores to breathe. Cotton pillowcases, on the other hand, draw the moisture from your skin as you sleep. Regardless of the type, change pillowcases every few days because the natural oils and product residue from your hair can clog facial pores and lead to acne.

These babies are as BEAUTIFUL as they are FUNCTIONAL! 😍😍😍

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Satin Pillowcase - 4 colors! Satin Pillowcase - 4 colors! Satin Pillowcase - 4 colors! Satin Pillowcase - 4 colors!

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