RADIANCE Machine Training Kit


RADIANCE Machine Training Kit MBCEM100

Create RADIANCE in to your Permanent Makeup class!

A cornerstone of our ELEVATE Educator program is SUPPORT. Our goal is to help.

Let us take on some of the draining busywork of Permanent Makeup training and allow you to focus on what's most important: teaching and nurturing your students to the best of your abilities. One of the most time consuming aspects to setting up a class is finding, buying, testing and assembling the right amount and mix of supplies for your students. With this in mind, we have carefully curated a series of ELEVATE Training Kits to suit your needs! Teaching and learning can be challenging and quite exhausting as it is, so please let us help!


This exquisite Machine training kit comes complete with anything and everything a PMU student and artist could ever need! They will have all the needed supplies to provide 100+ treatments and will hugely impress your students by showing them what true high quality looks and feels like!

The RADIANCE Kit Contents:

1Black PMU Training Case
1Cosmetic wax pencil
1White waterproof pencil
10Wax pencil razors (box)
1Vernier caliper
25Sticker Rulers
1Nylon Thread & Ink pad
1Illuminate White Marker
1Red Tattoo Skin Marker
1Curved brow ruler
2Brow Razors
1Pack of 100 Microbrushes
1Eyebrow Plastic wrap
1Pre-numb anesthetic
1Open skin anesthetic
1blank practice skin
2Inkless practice skin
1Reel Skin Practice Skin
5Practice latex headbands
1Machine practice pigment
25Sponge Pigment ring cups
50Flat Bottom Pigment Cups
50Silicone Pigment Cups
1Stainless Steel Pigment Cup Holder
1Acrylic PMU Hand Tool Holder

We also recommend checking out our other thoughtfully curated training kits, teaching resources/manuals and class set-up PPE packs.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us! hello@microbladecanada.com 🖤

CA$324.5 In stock
Add Pigment Option: No Pigments (0) Perma Blend Essentials (145.5) Perma Blend Deluxe (291) Tina Davies x Perma Blend (200)
Add Machine Option: No Machine (0) Black Pearl 2.0 (329.95) 24K PMU Device (349.95) EOS Pro Digital (595)

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