Illuminate Pen by Live Love Brows - WHITE INK


Illuminate Pen by Live Love Brows - WHITE INK MBCIPLLB2


The latest in product innovation from Live Love Brows is here! The Illuminate WHITE INK MARKER will relieve SO MUCH stress from your brow mapping! Can we get an AMEN?

✨ NO more blurry purple dots

✨NO purple ink leeching into hair strokes 

✨NO MORE panic at the end of the appointment trying to scrub away all the blue dots that make you and your client so very unhappy! 

✨The ILLUMINATE marker will ELEVATE your brow map game WITH EASE because it creates precise, water resistant WHITE dots and lines to help make your mapping STAND OUT WITHOUT STAINING THE SKIN! 

  • Bright WHITE surgical grade non-toxic, odor-free ink with a PRECISE plastic tip that won’t fray!
  • Due to plastic tip, this is reusable on CLOSED SKIN ONLY, we recommend wiping tip with alcohol prior to and after use. 
  • Designed for 150+ uses. That’s less that $0.10 a client! WOWZAS!!!
  • Help create a highly visual outline for your client to see with ease!
  • Safe for use on all skin types!❤️


This is a suspended fluid so shake well 45-60 seconds then dab/push tip onto skin to release liquid. Allow white marks to cure/dry on skin for a minimum of 1-1.5 mins before starting your work. ENJOY! 

Please note: This amazing product is recommended for advanced artists who do not require many wipes on their first pass. As this product is water resistant not waterproof, it will be erased by excessive wiping! 

CA$14.95 In stock
Illuminate Pen by Live Love Brows - WHITE INK

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