Henna Brow Treatment Kit


Henna Brow Treatment Kit MBCHBPRO

Do you want to learn the art of a Hennatician? This complete henna brow treatment kit is for you.

Our Henna Brow Treatment Kit will is designed for beauty professionals to want to give their clients a natural, effective and long lasting alternative to chemical eyebrow tinting.

Our Treatment Kit includes all pigments and correctors, application tools and even information flyers to help your clients with their before and after care.

We are passionate about helping beauty professionals perfect the art of henna brow treatments.

Each bottle of pigment will colour approximately 20-25 sets of brows. Simply maintain your kit afterwards by replacing pigments.

With this Treatment Kit you’ll receive well over $500 in value.


  • 1x Deep umber henna pigment 6gm
  • 1x Chocolate dust henna pigment 6gm
  • 1x Burnt beige henna pigment 6gm
  • 1x Graphite henna pigment 6gm
  • 1x Onyx corrector 6gm
  • 1x Terra-copper corrector 6gm
  • 1x Glass dappen dish
  • 1x Pipette dropper
  • 1x Dual ended Henna Brow application brush
  • 10x Egyptian Sands Brow Masks
  • 100 pack of micro brushes
  • 1 Product Application/Instructions
  • 1 Henna Brow Color Chart
CA$349.95 In stock
Henna Brow Treatment Kit

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